Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Beginning...

This must be the 5th post like this where I say I will be starting a blog etc.  It has been quite hard not to get into just the gaming / modeling / painting and forget completely about pictures, batreps etc...  I believe I have found the formula and that is simply to treat the blog like a journal.

Organization has been it's own thing as well.  This idea has gone back and forth from doing just 1 gaming system per blog, to 1 army per blog etc.  The truth is that is too messy for me.  I have "reserved" some names so that I could do that in the future if for some reason I find it "doable".  However, for right now this will simply be the one and only place where I dump all my gaming "jornaling" regardless of the type.

I have also decided to wait until I had a healthy amount of posts (currently quite a few), so that I can use the "Schedule" function.  The reason for this is to circumvent periods of in-activity.  Ideally there should be a "steady stream" of posts.  Now I frequent quite a few blogs and I don't believe that I'll ever be able to keep up with that kind of posting (3+ posts per day).  If it ever happens great.  For right now I believe the formula for me will be 2 scheduled posts per week (not a limit though and may schedule more than that but this is a minimum commitment).  Reason is I will most likely have 1 batrep per week, and even if it's not a batrep then some sort of idea or discussion.  I will also most likely do something in that week towards modeling or painting.  I figured 2 a week CONSISTENTLY is less alienating than 1, 2 or even 3 week periods with no posts but then a day with 5 posts.

I realize that some may not follow or read due to lack of posts, or the "hodepodgeness" of it all.  My intent is not to alienate readers so for that I apologize.  It is simply the only way I can find right now to keep content going.