Friday, September 30, 2011

Painting: Typhon (Finished)

Finished Typhon yay! Only to table top quality (which I may or may not have mentioned before) which  it's what I've decided to do for now so I can get my stuff painted already! After priming it Skull White I washed it with blue Wonder Wash as mentioned in the WIP article.  The next step was to paint the base.  Painting the base (at least the way I do it since I mostly dry brush) sometimes messes up the other colors so I do that first.  I usually do the base Chaos Black > Graveyard Earth (Heavy Dry Brush) > Desert Yellow (Dry Brush) > Bone White (Light Dry Brush).  After the base paint, I touched up any portions of the model that got any of the base paint on them.

Next was the Icy Blue for the skin.  I do this in a combination of Dry Brushing and Over Brushing.  Basically just right to not get too much in the cracks of the muscles but not too little like dry brushing only so make sure there's some good definition.

Following the "Highlights" I touch up the parts that I need staying Skull White to get them ready for the Gryphon Sepia Wash (GW) then I wash them.

Next I do the gums with Dwarf Flesh > Wonder Wash Red to give them a "live" look.

To wrap things up I "clean" the edges of the base by painting them black.  From here I may or may not add snow and such to the base.  I have a couple of my beasts in queue to paint but after those any that I start I'll try to do a step by step with pictures so that my method is more clear, and after that I'll probably do an article or more on my madness method lol... more to come!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

After Action Report: Warmachine/Hordes

My gaming group has been getting together to play on Thursdays these days.  I will have battle reports from that at times and at others I'll just have some After Action Reports (AAR).  Which one it is will just depend on whether there was time for pictures and what the goal was for the evening.  Ideally for me I'll be doing them about a week after they happened so that I can have the time to gather up any pictures/videos/inputs from others if there are any.

No pictures this time around sadly.  Our goal for last Thursday was to practice for a Steamroller event I was attending (a post on that later) and also get some of our "new/returning" guys playing to get back into the swing of the rules and such.  With that said there was 3 Battle Box games (Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw) played and 1 Steamroller Killbox 35 point game played.

I'll be using aliases until I know for sure whether my friends want their real names on posts or not.  First Battle Box game was Menoth vs. Legion.  Like I said before the main goal of this was to get some of the guys back into the swing...  This battle went about 5 turns before Menoth took it with a battle group kill.  Tons of rules were discussed all in all was a great game.

Next was a 35 point Steamroller Kill box game.  Legion vs Circle.
My Legion army was:

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
* Scythean
* Seraph
* Shredder
* Typhon

Annyssa Ryvaall, Talon of Everblight
Strider Deathstalker
2x The Forsaken

Pretty standard Vayl, Seraph for slipstream+leash shenanigans, Shredder for Tenacity and Rabid charges + incite, Typhon generally for clearing units / Dark Sentinel, Annyssa usually my chiller rest to taste.

Circle Army was:

Kaya the Moonhunter
* Laris
* Gnarlhorn Satyr
* Pureblood Warpwolf
* Warpwolf Stalker

Druids of Orboros
* Druid of Orboros Overseer
3 Warpborn Skinwalkers

Tier 4 Circle list.  I believe I lost the roll and was allowed to go first.  I setup pretty centrally left to right would be Scythean, Vayl, Typhon, with Seraph behind Vayl, Annyssa behind that and forsaken on the sides of the formation and later in AD DS would deploy to engage druids.

Circle deployed central with Kaya and Warpwolves / laris and Druids where on one flank Skin walkers in another flank.

Legion first turn was pretty standard first turn Hoarfrost shenanigans.  Seraph slipstreams, and charges a model he can see to go straight 9 out.  Slipstream catches scythean who moves closer to the druids.  Scythean Runs towards druids.  Vayl leashes Typhon, Chiller Annyssa, Moves towards Scythean, Oraculus Arcnode via Scythean Hoarfrost to druids... yields 1 in direction and 4"... Perfect.. Kill about half the unit with that move.. leash moves typhon 3" towards vayl, Annyssa moves to the left flank about 9" away from scythean to be able to run 18" to chiller if he charges something, DS and forsaken get into conservative positions.

Can't remember this circle turn but I believe Scythean took some heavy damage and got muzzled, druids moved centrally to support and vortexed / countermagic.  At this point there was a warbeast in front of Kaya and Kaya with no Fury.  Slipstreamed Typhon... Typhon Charges Gnarled Horned Satyr and starts gunslignging sprays that happen to reach Kaya... Kaya dies with some boosting.  Quick game.  Partner made some mistakes 1 let me go first 2nd deploy druids that close to a stray hoarfrost, 3 not muzzling either both or at least just Typhon.  It won't be that easy next time!

Next another Legion vs Menoth Battle Box.  This seems my buddies getting the rules down a bit more and a Legion win over Menoth 1:1 is good!  After that I used my Khador for a Battle Box which was fun but got totally owned by circle, Sorscha went in for a kill and failed... transfers just killed me and great positioning of the doggies by my opponent had me at a disadvantage.

Well, that's it for this AAR.  I hope to have some pics next time of this Thursday!

Video Update: Game Room

Here is some old footage from when I first got my Flip Camera.  I don't even know what I said on there! LOL.  Anyways, it's content so not wanting to let it go to waste here it is!  This is my gaming room 2 years ago (March 2009).  Still is and sadly looks very similar to this even now... well maybe there's more minis in it hehehe.  I'll do an update soon so you guys can see it now.

This room is used for pretty much any gaming which currently is Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, D&D, Pathfinder, Tide of Iron, Death Angels, Arkham Horror etc...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Painting: Typhon WIP

I've started on Typhon.  Decided to paint him up next since he's in quite a bit of my Legion lists and  figured might as well.  Typical color scheme for my legion, prime White, Wonder Wash Blue on the skin is my first step.

Next step will be the base and then I'll do the Icy blue drybrush/overbrush over the rest and clean up the white "chitin" areas and Greyphon Sepia that.  After all that then the gums. More to come...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gaming Tools: Dice

I've been gaming "D6" games since around 2007.  Warhammer Fantasy, 40k etc...  Ever since I started playing I heard of "dice screwing you" etc.  I didn't pay much attention to it until I noticed some dice consistently rolling 6's or 1's etc...  After some time I started noticing some people in tournaments that I was attending using pretty big dice and I asked them what was up with that.  Anyways, I was finally introduced to casino dice.  I wasn't sure where to get them but one day I ran into this  

Their customer service was good!  You can't really do the "shopping cart" thing here.  I ended up filling out a request information form and got an email within 24 hours.  You can reach the form by following the link above.  I still roll like crap sometimes but at least I'm closer to being sure it's less likely to be the dice which honestly gives me peace of mind.

I think the overall stigma is that these dice are very expensive and that it is less feasible to roll a bunch i.e. 10 genestealers on a charge (as if the 10 stealers would ever get there but I digress).  That's probably true and when I play those armies I'll probably have no choice but to revert back to using "lesser" dice.  However, for Warmachine/Hordes they are working out pretty well.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Basing: Base Gaps (Warmongers)

Here is a pic of a gap model.

I then lay down some blue painters tape.  I use that because it's easy to deal with since it's adhesive properties are not astronomical.  I use this opportunity sometimes to measure out how much extra there is and cut it out. 

I then flatten it out over the gap.

If there is still extra stuff I do not want there I cut it away while on the base.

After I pull away any excess I did not want it is ready to lay down the glue.  I usually use 50/50 pva and water brushing it on with an old brush.

Then it's ready to be dipped in flocking of choice.  it is important to note here that when I say "flock" I do not mean FLOCK but simply any basing material you may wish to use.

And there you have it.  Gap was no problem.  When the glue dries the other portions that are on the base instead of the tape will help hold it down even tho the tape does not adhere too well being painter's.

There are many other techniques.  Corck material over most of the base (simulating a slab of stone) etc...  This one is just a nice easy one in case you just want your bases to be mostly flat with "some" small form of flock.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Modeling: Warmongers

Working on these guys was a delight! There were a couple of problems with posing due to some of the War Cleavers being curved but none of it was a big deal. As usual for me I didn't take that good of pictures of the progress but here are some.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

League: Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman Leage

Quote below from the Forum here.

Store Information:

5730 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

Let's try this again...

Journeyman League Rules are here:

Go read and come back. If you can't read em for some reason, post and I'll do a text copy over.

You can see the patches here:

We'll run this at Gamer's Haven, starting October 1st through Thanksgiving. With some minor changes. I still have to clear these with the Quartermistress, but here's my proposed mods for the local realities:

1) Limit of three games per week for Battle Points.
2) Cap of 10pts per week on Hobby Points
3) Myself or a store employee MUST see your models before being painted, and after, in order to gain Hobby Points. We'll initial the League Sheet accordingly.

I'll set up follow-on Leagues and Tourneys based on response to this simple approach. 

For experienced players, remember this is aimed at new folks trying and LIKING the game, not you curbstomping n00bs. If I see or have reliable reports of any untoward behavior, there will be... repercussions. And I suggest we of experience use the opportunity to try new stuff. I'll probably start a list with either Kreoss or Magnus.

If you're a new player, and would like some advice, please contact me. The Demo Day on Sept 17th still holds as well. (But no League Meeting.)

If you can't decide what to start at all, I present THE WHEEL OF FACTIONS:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tournament: Warmachine/Hordes

At Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs:

5730 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO, 80918

September 24, 2011 @ 11AM, $5, 35pts, Tiers Allowed, Bring it!

10 min turns with a single 5 min extension. 80 min + Variable rounds. 

Steamroller rules are here:

If you can, arrive with your list sheet already filled out.

If you're new and/or have ANY questions, please post here for clarifications.

The Beginning...

This must be the 5th post like this where I say I will be starting a blog etc.  It has been quite hard not to get into just the gaming / modeling / painting and forget completely about pictures, batreps etc...  I believe I have found the formula and that is simply to treat the blog like a journal.

Organization has been it's own thing as well.  This idea has gone back and forth from doing just 1 gaming system per blog, to 1 army per blog etc.  The truth is that is too messy for me.  I have "reserved" some names so that I could do that in the future if for some reason I find it "doable".  However, for right now this will simply be the one and only place where I dump all my gaming "jornaling" regardless of the type.

I have also decided to wait until I had a healthy amount of posts (currently quite a few), so that I can use the "Schedule" function.  The reason for this is to circumvent periods of in-activity.  Ideally there should be a "steady stream" of posts.  Now I frequent quite a few blogs and I don't believe that I'll ever be able to keep up with that kind of posting (3+ posts per day).  If it ever happens great.  For right now I believe the formula for me will be 2 scheduled posts per week (not a limit though and may schedule more than that but this is a minimum commitment).  Reason is I will most likely have 1 batrep per week, and even if it's not a batrep then some sort of idea or discussion.  I will also most likely do something in that week towards modeling or painting.  I figured 2 a week CONSISTENTLY is less alienating than 1, 2 or even 3 week periods with no posts but then a day with 5 posts.

I realize that some may not follow or read due to lack of posts, or the "hodepodgeness" of it all.  My intent is not to alienate readers so for that I apologize.  It is simply the only way I can find right now to keep content going.