Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gaming Tools: Dice

I've been gaming "D6" games since around 2007.  Warhammer Fantasy, 40k etc...  Ever since I started playing I heard of "dice screwing you" etc.  I didn't pay much attention to it until I noticed some dice consistently rolling 6's or 1's etc...  After some time I started noticing some people in tournaments that I was attending using pretty big dice and I asked them what was up with that.  Anyways, I was finally introduced to casino dice.  I wasn't sure where to get them but one day I ran into this http://www.midwestgamesupply.com/retail.htm  

Their customer service was good!  You can't really do the "shopping cart" thing here.  I ended up filling out a request information form and got an email within 24 hours.  You can reach the form by following the link above.  I still roll like crap sometimes but at least I'm closer to being sure it's less likely to be the dice which honestly gives me peace of mind.

I think the overall stigma is that these dice are very expensive and that it is less feasible to roll a bunch i.e. 10 genestealers on a charge (as if the 10 stealers would ever get there but I digress).  That's probably true and when I play those armies I'll probably have no choice but to revert back to using "lesser" dice.  However, for Warmachine/Hordes they are working out pretty well.

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