Friday, September 30, 2011

Painting: Typhon (Finished)

Finished Typhon yay! Only to table top quality (which I may or may not have mentioned before) which  it's what I've decided to do for now so I can get my stuff painted already! After priming it Skull White I washed it with blue Wonder Wash as mentioned in the WIP article.  The next step was to paint the base.  Painting the base (at least the way I do it since I mostly dry brush) sometimes messes up the other colors so I do that first.  I usually do the base Chaos Black > Graveyard Earth (Heavy Dry Brush) > Desert Yellow (Dry Brush) > Bone White (Light Dry Brush).  After the base paint, I touched up any portions of the model that got any of the base paint on them.

Next was the Icy Blue for the skin.  I do this in a combination of Dry Brushing and Over Brushing.  Basically just right to not get too much in the cracks of the muscles but not too little like dry brushing only so make sure there's some good definition.

Following the "Highlights" I touch up the parts that I need staying Skull White to get them ready for the Gryphon Sepia Wash (GW) then I wash them.

Next I do the gums with Dwarf Flesh > Wonder Wash Red to give them a "live" look.

To wrap things up I "clean" the edges of the base by painting them black.  From here I may or may not add snow and such to the base.  I have a couple of my beasts in queue to paint but after those any that I start I'll try to do a step by step with pictures so that my method is more clear, and after that I'll probably do an article or more on my madness method lol... more to come!

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