Saturday, October 1, 2011

Status Update: Warhammer/40k

So currently (2011) my Warhammer 40k and Fantasy playing is in a bit of a hiatus.  I am not going to be getting rid of all my armies / models etc... but I have not been playing much.  In all honesty I still like both games enough to even play them every once in a while helping friends practice for tourneys or simply placating someone who wants to do that instead just to mix it up.

My new drug is Warmachine/Hordes as may be evident from my recent posts.  However, it's still good to know that I have armies across all these games so I can "hook it up" whenever I have the need.

My main armies in 40k are Tyranids and Eldar (mainly jetbikes) as you can gather from the pictures.  For Warhammer Fantasy I mainly play Vampires, and Warriors of Chaos, with a side of Orcs & Goblins.  I've been keeping up with editions / codexes / army books but still remain mainly playing Warmachine / Hordes.

Regardless of this I'll be posting modeling, lists, painting on those other games cause like I said it's really just temporary and I wouldn't abandon any of the games for which I already have the models.  So, posts for these games will be coming!  If anything I'll be using the hiatus as a way to "catch up" on modeling and painting hopefully.

I do have to admit some of these posts are older posts from other "failed" blogs I've tried.  Mostly failed due to me not updating.  I'll rehash them and throw them up here to give me sometime to catch up and start doing some current work for them.

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  1. I hear ya on keeping some GW - "just in case." I need to update a couple of WFB books (OK and O&G), but I have pared out a 40k and a WFB army in the last few weeks, in exchange for more Warmahordes stuff. I may play more PP games, but I'll keep some GW around, since it's a system I can generally find played somewhere close-by, in the event of travel or move.