Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Modeling: Beast 09 WIP (1)

Beast 09!!!  This guy came in about 10ish parts.  I've been using him on a couple of lists lately.  I've also had him just sitting on a shelf and thought what the hell... let's put the punk together.

On to the basics as usual.  There was an average amount of flashing and mould lines.  I'm not usually too worried about such things on a model this big.  As usual my trusty Dremel with Diamond Point and Brass Brush took care of it.  What I AM usually worried about with models this big is "miscasting", meaning that parts of the model don't actually jive well with the parts they are supposed to.  Well, in this case there was none to be found!

The image above is just an example of some of the flash and mould lines encountered but easily tackled in this kit.  At the end of the day this model took me just shy of an hour to put together with pretty much no problems.

Dabbed him lightly on the base with some super glue as I'm certain I'll be doing some work to his base. For now though no more proxying!  More to come...

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