Monday, November 14, 2011

Painting: Annyssa Ryvaal WIP (4)

Finally part 4 of this girl.  Like I said on my last post here this model has definitely taken me longer than most models.  She is quite intricate.  Honestly, I'm not just trying to do the model justice but I'm trying to figure out my brushes, paints, and techniques I'll use for the humanoids of my legion army.

I worked on her a bit this weekend.  Since last I posted about her I added a bit of lighter shade on the leather armor covering the elk, her armor, the feathers holding the leather strap cloak and her bow.  You'll notice that I have not really "based" her yet.  I'm waiting to be done with all the details at the bottom or near the bottom of the figure before doing that.  I'll probably be adding some snow and such as well.

I did "retouch" the metallic parts of the armor, or at least the parts I've decided to make metallic, with a mixture of brazen brass and silver, trying to emulate that yellowish platinum look they have on the Forces Book.  There are a few tid bits that I have not finished yet like metal armor pieces on her knees as well as the hooves and fur and armor on the elk, I'm hoping to have those figured out and finished soon so I'll have a better path forward for my other "humanoids".

Also, I did some "retouching" on her face which is honestly the part that is driving me crazy the most.  Been trying to do a white glow on her eyes.  I am not 100% on what I have on her face right now but it'll do for table top.  I really want to get her ready to play so I can feel free to "move on".  I will very likely come back to her once done to table top but for now... still a bit to go to get even to table top.  More to come..

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