Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Modeling: Kayazy Underboss WIP (1)

As promised... The boss!  Now, I'm sure if you've read any of my posts I mostly report on the reason for putting the guy together as well as the simplicity of the bit of flashes and mould lines and how easy it was to remove.  Well, this is a different story...

This model had the most amount of flash and mould lines that I've ever encountered from Privateer Press.  Thank god it was just 1 piece cause I'd imagine I would have seen miscasting to the point of insanity.  Not sure if you can make this out but if you zoom in or click on the image above the bottom part of the model near the shoulder... that "edge" you can see there running all the way down to his bottom torso is flashing.  It actually goes all the way around his back by his hair and his other side.

The picture above shows even more of the type of flashing I encountered on most of the model.  Hopefully that gives you an idea.  

This model actually took me about 1 hour to just clean up.  My trusty Diamond Point (I ended up needing both the oval and concave), as well as my Brass Brush helped quite a lot but I did have to use a bit of files and xacto knife action.  Also, I kind of just jammed him in the base rather than glue him so I can keep some alternatives open for basing if I want to later.  More to come...

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