Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Modeling: Devastator WIP (1) & Quick Annyssa Update

I'm going to be giving my Annyssa Ryvaall model here a bit of a break for now.  I have to figure out if I want to remove her from the mount or not so I can really give her a go.  I'll keep you guys updated on which way I go one way or the other.  However,  I've gotten a bunch of orders in and honestly while I do agree that one should not unpack / put together models until the lot are painted I  have been proxing some of these for a little too long.

So, without further delay!  The Devastator!!!!  So this guy was actually part of the auction I went to this summer.  There was no flashing.  I imagine that's due to it having been put together before and someone removing it.  However, there was a bit of molding which came off easily with my Dremel's Diamond Tips and Brass Brush (Click here for more info).

I've seen a handful of pictures now on the internet that have him in sort of a "shell" format.  That is to say his shield arms are glued in such a way that he looks like he's covering his body on both sides while holding his arms very very close to his body, almost like a turtle.  I have nothing against that except that it looks like it would be even harder to paint his body had I glued him like that.  I imagine people that did that probably painted him first and then glued the arms.

There's actually a couple of things to note on the picture above.  The top part of the shoulder was cleaned with a Diamond Tip and Brass Brush and as hopefully you are able to see it's shiny and porous enough to be good to go for priming.  However, for some reason even with my brass brush I am unable to remove the yellow grime on the top shell.  That's even after a nice warm water and soap bath.  I washed it and brushed it the best I could but I'm thinking the previous owner simply left the mold release agent on the miniature a little too long without washing.  I hope it doesn't cause too many problems with the primer!

This model was not difficult to put together except for the part where I basically waited for each segment to be dry before pressing on.  This guy is HEAVY!  So pin if you can (I'll probably do an article on that sometime in the future).  For now though, I can stop proxying this guy and bring the real thing to the table, alas, without paint for now.  More to come...

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