Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preliminary Review - Hordes Domination (Legion) Naga Nightlurker

I didn't find an actual image of this guy that was suitable.  So this guy is just an average(ish) light beast, nothing too crazy about it's stats really.  What I find interesting is that it prowls.  This is actually very nice because it has a healthy amount of boxes and semi blast proof ARM (which is usually what you look for when something has stealth/prowl or at least I do) so it's going to be pretty hard taking it down with range abilities.

Is far as offensive abilities it does pack a decent ranged weapon, what I would call medium range which is magical (helps against Menoth) and crits poison.  Combining it's prowl with eyeless sight it means that it can probably take an aiming bonus often if you find it a  nice place to park and take out even stealthed solos that cross whatever lane you have it covering.

It's melee attacks sport Crit Shadow Bind which I find interestingly synergetic with Refuge.  Send the little bugger out, boost to hit if you gotta and you back out at the end of it all leaving a dude sitting there at -3 Def and virtually immobile.

The animus on this guy is kind of a sweet.  Wraithbane is probably the most likely reason he'll make it into people's lists, well and the fact that he's setup to be a survivable Wraithbane engine as well as a Def debuffer in a pinch.

So, a nice lane coverfire beastie that can survive quite a bit of blast damage.  A wraithbane engine for your more important warbeasts to ignore those precious buffs.  Let's not forget the Shadowbind missle that can shoot out of it's cover to gift someone with -3 DEF and as I mentioned above, he could do this to help your range flavored elements with Refuge by going out there, doing it's best to impart that shadowbind crit and Refuging back (into cover ideally) to allow your ranged troops to hit better.  Of course, slipstream, and leash could also help with this but I'm just saying!  There is one thing that should not be overlooked however, this guy competes in points with a Raek which pretty much has stealth already and a bit more of a trick up it's sleeve with it's placement ability... just something to think about as well.

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