Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preliminary Review - Hordes: Domination (Legion) eVayl

Now I know I'm way late to the game as far as covering this book.  Not only were there a lot of leaks for this book but some of the more reputable blogs / youtube channels already got a legit copy and have covered a bit.  But in the spirit of this blog which is to serve me as a journal, I wanna cover my first impressions.  So read on!  Hopefully this initial ideas could serve you too as a source of inspiration for good/bad ideas. 

The release of this long awaited book (at least by me) is tomorrow, November 16th 2011.  I will be covering my very "newbie" thoughts on the additions to the Legion of Everblight Army.  Not that I won't be studying the other factions so that I know my enemy but alas, Legion is my army.

Epic Vayl

Stats:  So, stats wise she's pretty much the same with the exception of her RAT and ARM which are one higher.  The RAT being 1 higher will probably make me feel better about taking chances and not boosting on some of her spells or Oraculi (since now it is not Guided) but honestly 1 more I will probably be boosting most of the time to make sure.  One more point of ARM still doesn't make me feel good about having her be a worthy Spiny Growth target but I do believe she will escape the dents and scratches she was taking before from blasts a little better.  DEF is still the stat I'm looking to boost with Tenacity in most cases.

Weapons:  Her Oraculus has turned into Oraculi.  One thing right off the bat is that it's RNG is 2 higher.  That's nice!  I say that because I may be adding Mr. Wishnailer (I know that's not how it's spelled lol) and ideally adding 2 more inches on top of that.  ROF.... hmmm... Ok so It's nice right?  I just simply wish it had been initials (maybe I'm reaching here).  It will be great to setup multiple vectors on her spells though!  Also, the weapon has lost it's Guided ability so no more auto hitting.

Abilities:  Well ... I'm not too happy with these really.  She traded Dark Sentinel, Snow-Wreathed, and Talion for Quick Draw and Serenity?  These abilities are meh to me compared to her previous encarnation.  She will probably not be needing Snow-Wreathed as much since without Incite she's pretty much a full support Warlock now rather than having to get up there to support Incite or sling shot someone with Leash for a kill.  Serenity I see simply as a free Tenacity per turn.  Compared to her old stuff not really too hot.

Fury:  This stat is still the same.  Not sure why it did not go up by 1 (would that really have been grossly overpowered? I guess I'm not sure).  I guess with Serenity it's effectively 1 higher and with Mr. Wishnailer is 2 higher?

Spells:  I happen to think that eVayl's spells are quite nice...  basically her entire spell list has been revamped.  While I do miss incite I must say the only spells I really really miss are Hoarfrost, Chiller, and Rampager.  Those seemed to me very Vayl(ish) regardless of epic or not.  Her new spells are Admonition, Icy Grip, Obliteration, Occultation, Purification, and Refuge.  Icy Grip, and Obliteration and nice offensive abilities for sure.  Purification is nice and can be timed nicely with her feat (more on that below).  Admonition and Refuge are very Cat and Mouse like so they are nice, allowing for repositioning or simply to get away from undesired charges etc...  I'm thinking there is a lot of synergy here with a spell like Refuge or Admonition, allowing charge lanes to multiple Carniveans/Scytheans where there normally wouldn't be room for it.... Will have to think more on that for sure!

Feat:  Vayl's new feat allows her to cast all of her spells without paying the cost.  I think it's very nice to be honest.  This in combination with Purification could play out very well.

Summary:  One thing I think is pretty clear for me.  She will definitely be sporting Warbeast Heavy lists.  However, I do not want to discount her ability to have a nice infantry list as well specially being able to spell sling as good as she can (legionares come to mind).  What are your thoughts?  Have I missed something obvious?  More to come....

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