Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Modeling: Manhunters WIP (1)

Here is another post as part of my ongoing effort to stop proxies but of course also to just get all the models I've ordered put together!  Here are my manhunters!  I decided to go with the variant simply because hey, I like chick models better most of the time, but especially the manhunters.

These guys come 1 per blister in 3 pieces.  The 2 axes had a bit of molding on the blades and the edges that were attached to the sprue.  The manhunter had some mold lines on her pants and hat.  All of it easy work with the dremel / files.

The picture below shows the only pieces of flash I found on both the models I purchased.  If you look carefully it's just a piece coming out of her right arm stump.  Easily removed with hobby pliers and smoothed out with the dremel.

Glueing them was pretty standard easy work.  No real pinning required unless you plan on transporting them in a very abusive way.  The arms although small were not attached to very tiny areas it was in fact I believe their biceps so with that said I think they are on there to stay.

The next step will probably be some gap filling on the base either with tape or plastic card (as suggested to me by one of you!  Thanks!).  After that some flocking and some painting!  Another model off of my list of proxies ready to play.  More to come...

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