Monday, October 31, 2011

Painting: Annyssa Ryvaal WIP (3)

Here is part 3 of the series for Annyssa.  This model has definitely consumed more of my time than others because it is more complex.  She has belts, metal and leather and wood and hair etc...

To do the base I used my "Dead Earth" technique I normally use, which I talk about in detail here.  But to summarize, I base in any acrylic black > Grave Yard earth > Desert Yellow > Bone White > Skull White.  Except for the base color I mainly dry brush all these colors so that they contrast on the material like dirt or rock.

I took a couple of additional steps to ensure that the cork material would end up looking closer to a slab of stone than earth so I added a dark grey > light grey > skull white dry brush step.

After working on the base I tried doing some work on Annyssa.  Now, from this experience so far I have a couple of thoughts that I'd like to share.  If you are ever going to do this model, do yourself a favor, don't glue her to the mount.  I believe it is probably easier to deal with painting the model without the hassle of getting the paint brush into hard to reach places.  In fact, I am at a point where I am still considering somehow prying her off of it to finish it.

So far I've done her skin to my normal specs of Legion.  Base white > blue wash > dry brush icy blue.  I am very bad with faces and in fact will confess to having tried to get "fancy" with her face for practice sake and at the end I re did it as I mentioned above.  She looks a little more manly than I'd prefer but it will do "table top" quality for now.  I will probably do a little more with her hair so that it's much more distinguishable from her skin.

The horns of the mount got a simple Greyphone Sepia wash over the white base and I'm pretty happy with the results.  The metal covers (in fact all the metal) will get the treatment of Bolt Gun Metal > dry Badab Black wash > dry brush Silver.  If it wasn't for the forces book I couldn't tell you what parts of her bow are metal and which are wood or another material.  It looks like there's some room for interpretation if you wish but I'm just going to follow the pictures I have for reference (not sure she's actually in the forces book but maybe the PP site).

The leather on the mount covers is an attempt to recreate the color I made for my Ogrun here.  It's basically GW Scaly Green and a dark Blue mixed together.  Overall I like it.  It's quite subtle on her but I will most likely be washing it a tiny bit and then dry brushing or highlihgting in some fashion with a lighter color mix maybe adding some icy blue to it.

On the last picture I tried to capture the work on the mount's skin.  The picture doesn't do it much justice as I think it turned out pretty well.  The previous picture might be better.  It's really just a Light Grey > Wash Devlan Mud > dry brush Light Grey again.  I might do one more run of dry brush white.  I'm using the same technique on the hair of the mount and mouth.

Overall this model has served as a great learning experience but also a bit of frustration.  I'm hoping to press through and finish it and see if there are any other tricks I can gain off of this.  So far I still have to finish her equipment, armor, and the mount's hooves as well as the mount's bridle details.  I hope this has served as some inspiration!  If you have any tips for me let me know or your own Annyssa WIP article!  More to come...

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