Thursday, October 6, 2011

Modeling: Striders + UA WIP (1)

Recently I had a game using a list with Striders in it. Having had no experience with them I wasn't sure what to expect. I tried what was obvious from their stats, shoot, then backup to safety to do it all over again. They did well! I was proxing them with Blighted Swordsmen but I did own the figures so since I had a little time recently I figured I should give them some attention.

I didn't take any detailed pre pics (in the blister / out the blister in pieces). I'll try to remember for my other projects but I'm sure I'll forget more often than not since once I get into it I don't stop. Anyways, the figures themselves were pretty good not too much flashing or mould lines to clean up. The bows were actually a different story, in fact taking me the bulk of the time I spent on the unit filing away at the mould lines (again I wish I had pictures of THAT!).

Another complaint I have, which I'm sure is along the lines of "suck it up butter cup" but really? I have to glue these tiny bows at what amounts to just a few millimeters worth of material? Anyways... this project took me a lot longer than I thought it would as my dremel ran out of batteries in the middle of the project and I had to switch to just using files while that charged.

I must say that the UA took a lot less time but not just because there's only 2 of them. Their bows were actually a lot better. Very very little flashing and almost no noticeable mould lines to clean up.

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