Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Painting: Scythean WIP (2)

Ok so as I showed you last time this puppy is primed white.  I do that because in this particular color scheme I'll be using there are a lot of light colors as main colors and I'd like to save myself sometime with multiple coats growing from grey or even worse black.

Like I talked about before on my Typhon post I start by adding Black to the base.  Truth is I normally don't care what black, GW, Vallejo, and even Americana or one of those cheap acrylics at a hobby store work ok, just want to get rid of the white and have a nice dark base.

After the black is dry I apply a more brownish earth tone.  This one in particular I used Grave Yard earth from GW.  I do a saturated Dry Brush, basically still use the dry brushing technique with my hand movement and how much of the brush touches the material but with more paint than I would normally use while just straight up dry brushing.

The next step is Desert Yellow from GW.  This color I use because of how much closer it is to yellow than the others while still remaining earthy looking.  It provides a nice contrast in my opinion.  Again not quite dry brushing but saturation is probably 50% less than when I applied the Grave Yard earth.

The following color is Bone White.  This color is more of a khaki color and "ties" in the contrast from the Desert Yellow.  For this particular color I straight up Dry Brush normally.

The last step on painting the base for me is Skull White.  This color is just straight up white.  I lightly Dry Brush this one to accent the edges of some of the rocks or tips of gravel.

Well, that's my current technique for what I'd call dead earth look.  After this I usually go for painting the model to table top quality (coming up in other posts).  After that I slowly consider adding more embellishments like snow, dead grass, etc...   I have considered washing at the end with some sort of dark color to give the rocks more definition and maybe re-highlighting but honestly that wouldn't be part of my "table top ready" methodology.  Perhaps another time...  More to come!

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