Friday, October 21, 2011

Modeling: Strider Deathstalkers WIP (1)

These models are probably some of the easiest models to clean up and put together ever!  Everything pretty much fit as prescribed with no problems and there was very minimal to no flash and mould lines.  I got four of them for a couple of reasons.  I believe one of the tier lists in the legion book allow me to take 4 (eLylyth perhaps).  Also if you play any role playing games these guys fit very well as your own character if it's a rogue or a ranger as well as a set of NPCs.

I called this a WIP because after thinking about it (and actually simple basing 2 of them) I believe I want to elaborate their bases a bit more.  I will probably just try one of the two not currently based and see how that goes.  If it goes well I might consider "de basing" the two that are already simple based and do them up too.


  1. It is the elylyth tier that let's you bring them. The only issue with the tier is you can't have any fury management. Other than that, it is a fun list to mess around with

  2. Yeah I figured. It's nice I guess too if I go into any events that require theme lists and such. I do some table top role playing so have gotten some small use of them with that and expect to get more use out of them from that in the future.