Monday, October 3, 2011

Painting: Seraph (Finished)

Here is my Seraph, finished to typical table top quality.  I did not do WIPs for this one but posting it just the same.  I believe I'll try to go back and do better highlighting and maybe even some basing rework but for now looks "ok" enough to me for playing.

I tried a couple of new things on here.  First finally gave a shot at some cork to create elevation.  I found it easy to work with but I did glue some small ballast flock on it and I'm not happy with that result so next time I try it I'll try to leave it as a smooth surface and paint it up as smooth slabs of rock.

I also tried some snow flock.  I think I'm going to try another technique next time where I mix the glue with some white paint and the flock itself so that it dries less translucent.

When I "revisit" this model to rework it a bit I think I'm going to try a couple of other things painting wise.  The membranous portions of the wings I believe I want to paint a different color, still not sure what color.  Also, the "gil" looking membranes on the neck of a lot of Legion beasts seems to need a color to pop out, I'll probably touch those up too.

I'll be trying to use the cork again of course.  Not sure I will be doing a WIP just on the cork but perhaps when I use it on another figure I'll try to cover it a bit more in detail.  More to come...

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