Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Modeling, Painting Progress Reports

Just a quick post today to clarify...  I realize that with the way I'll be posting my modeling/painting posts may be confusing for some as it will probably seem that I start / stop modeling / painting something.  I don't really start / stop any projects.

The main goal of most of my projects, specially initially, is to get the models on the table top ready to play.  There are many times, if not most times, that I skip steps during modeling that would make it easier to paint simply for the sake of getting the model on table whether it's painted or not.

After I get the model on the table I "re-model" the mini, from as much as taking it completely apart (rarely) to as little as a bit more embellishment on the pose or base.  The next step is painting.  Similar to modeling I usually (not always) try to get the model simply good enough for playing.  I also try to start with the models that I include in army lists the most.

That should clear up why the upcoming posts, if not most posts will look like I skip around from unit to unit or model to model.  More to come...

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