Thursday, October 20, 2011

Painting: Warmonger WIP (1)

Here is a Warmonger about 75% done.  I probably won't be doing too many WIPs on him as I'm more than anything experimenting to see how I am going to approach these guys.

I've already not followed my own personal advice and did a lot of the model first before painting the base.  I'll have to be careful when I paint it as to not have to correct too many things on the model from paint spilling on to it from the base.  

I'm pretty happy with a lot of things so far.  The skin is going well, the leather being a combination of blue black and green is turning out just quite the way I thought it would, although the leather straps coming off of it's coif have really been a challenge since they are so thin.

I've brush the metal bolt gun base and dry brushed up to silver but I'm not sure I like how "powdery" it ends up looking.  I might try to "overbrush" over it so that I can still capture the highlighting without looking so rough.  The eyes I'm still not sure what to do...  I wanted some sort of "blight glow" and my first instict was white but it doesn't contrast well with the icy blue highlights on it's face so you can't actually see it well.  Oh well, I hope this serves as some inspiration to get painting!  More to come...

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