Thursday, October 13, 2011

Painting: Scythean WIP (4)

So, here we are in step 4.  What I do now is take the main / highlight color and basically dry brush it on the flesh parts of the beast.  I do start by what I call over brushing which is just dry brushing with the brush slightly more saturated than it would be for dry brush. [dry brush main highlight / main color]

I try to make sure I get all the obvious raised areas like the spine and the leg, and arm muscles, as well as ripples throughout the arm.  There are times when the brush is simply too saturated for my liking and that's ok, one of the things I like about this hobby is that to me there is almost nothing you can't come back from.  You could either repaint white then rewash or simply rewash an area that has "too much" highlight to bring it back down.

After I get done with the over brushing I do quite a bit of dry brushing just to make sure the figure isn't just flat out too dark in contrast with the raised areas.  Again, you could go overboard but you could just rewash if you did.

There are times in this process that I break out into a little bit of feathering and wet blending simply because the areas covered by the dry brush or over brush are too distinct and I want a more seamless transition.  I will be continuing on the step by step but I may actually return to this guy to accomplish more on the highlighting, I really just wanted to concentrate on table top worthy for now.  More to come...

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