Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Painting: Scythean WIP (3)

Ok, so here we are on step 3 of my process for my Everblight beasts.  I have primed the model, and painted the base.  Now all I am going to do is Wash all the skin with Wonder Wash Blue (I'll do an article on Wonder Wash soon).  This gives me a good blue shade base to work with while taking care of recesses on the model.

As you can see on the picture below, at this stage I care mainly about covering all the areas that I need to be this color.  Your second concern is that there is a bit of "pooling" of the wash in the recesses of the mini, this is something else I'll explain when I talk about washes in another article but the main thing is to make sure it's going to do the "shading" you want it to do by running into the recesses and hopefully drying darker there.

Now we don't want to get the wash on areas where this particular shading does not belong.  You want to "try" to be as careful as possible but the was will inevitably get in areas where it doesn't belong and at this stage that's ok.  Like I said before the main idea is to at least make sure it gets everywhere it does belong.

The next step is going to be do do the "highlight" color for the body / skin.  I am not sure how I am going to be breaking out the models in the future, I might combine some steps I might not.  I figured I would at least do 1 model where every single step was addressed...  Oh and yes I did something out of sequence (cleaned up the base from the base paint run off and did some quick line of sight lines, I had a tourney come up and needed this dude that's why)...  more to come!

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