Friday, October 7, 2011

Painting: Carnivean (Finished)

The C-Rex!!!  Painting this guy, like painting all my other heavies has been a delight!  I'm not saying that the other guys aren't great but painting a big model does have it's own kind of reward.

I'm still trying to get better at the picture taking.  I put some papers up as to not detract from the mini but the room is not as light as it usually is at the time of day I took the pictures.  I really have to setup something easy soon that provides better lighting.

I took an extra shot of the base on this one.  Like I've said in other posts, even the base is table top quality so there's still the possibility of grass and snow being added.  I particularly like how this base came out, of course the picture may not do it justice to me.  I was experimenting with an Acrylic pen to get the line of sight and the name of the figure on the base.  Just an experiment for now, not sure what I'll end up doing about line of sight and naming.

This guy got the same treatment as all the rest of my legion beasts.  Starts white, basing work, blue wash, blue highlights, clean up the white, wash the chittin, gums etc...

I am pretty happy with this guy.  Hope this has served as a source of inspiration for whoever reads it.  As usual, more to come...

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