Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Modeling: Angelius WIP (1)

The Angelius!  This is actually one of the most awesome looking models I have ever seen.  To be honest I plan on using a model like this not just for Legion but maybe some D&D and Pathfinder games!  Any who, let's go over the basics.  I don't know if I'm lucky but this model didn't have much mould lines or flashing.  Whatever little there was took about 10 mins to remove, dremel out, and brass brush polish.

There were however, a couple of issues with the wings fitting without leaving a gap.  Don't get me wrong.  The wings fit right as far as surface area to glue and such but no matter how I positioned them there seemed to be a gap.  On the image below hopefully you can see though that the gaps were minimal enough to be taken care of by gap filler.

The largest gaps were actually left on the back of the beast.  To maximize the area attached to the body there seemed to be huge gaps left on their connection to the back.  This part was also easily taken care of by gap filler.  Because of their location I was able to hold the model just right for about 5 minutes so the glue wouldn't run off.

In the image below you can see the gaps being filled by the glue.  Although it may look like there's too much glue, up close and personal the glue is smoothed out to the shape of the model.  So, I'm pretty sure that after the primer goes on it'll be like it's all once piece.

I did very basic work on this models base.  I am going to probably leave it as is for now and get some more experience basing.  I believe this model will most likely be very easy to remove from the base and redo it when I come to that point.  Also, it is important to note that this model is actually quite stable even though it's got a lot of it's weight on the upper portion of it's large vertical area.  I found that feature comforting Well, modeling modeling modeling!  I'm in a frenzy!  I hope you are in a hobby frenzy as well!  More to come...


  1. The angelius is an awesome model. Its abilities are pretty fantastic as well. What colors are you going to paint it?

  2. Definitely going to maintain the color scheme I've used for my other warbeasts. Ice blue skin and "light rock" for the chittin. You can see an example on the link below: